About Us

After 10 years of establishment and development, Lien Minh Industrial Equipment Joint Stock Company has increasingly intensive development in the field of supplying materials and equipment for industrial production companies in Vietnam. We are the trusted partner & also official distributor of many industrial equipment, tools and services companies over worldwide such as: OSG; Mitsubishi; Norton; Osborn; Bosch; Wurth; Fujiseko; Tectyl …

With a team of experienced, dynamic, enthusiastic and creative staffs who are well-trained with experienced foreign experts in the field of industrial equipment, we are proud of serving customers the most appropriate products and services, thereby improving business operations efficiency for our customers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to become a leading company in providing best products and services for the mechanical and manufacturing industry in Vietnam.

Our Philosophy

Partners are the highest value which plays mainly role in the existence and development of company. With the slogan “Leading success with Lien Minh” we are willing to listen and understand every need of partners as well as give the most optimally solutions for those needs based on our bunch of experience & skills.

Our Innovation

Maintaining and growing on every major: Sales, Market share, Human resources, Brand value, Product quantity & quality to become a comprehensive provider of industrial products and services in Vietnam. We are ready for the integration stage in the age of 4.0 Industry.

Looking forward to serving our customers more and more thoughtfully, we are willing to listen and highly appreciate for any ideals from our customers.

For further information, please kindly contact:

Lien Minh Industrial Equipment Joint Stock Company

Office: TXT Building, No. 10, Lane 01, Bui Huy Bich Street, Hoang Mai Dist., Hanoi, Vietnam.

Tel: 024.3773968 – Fax: 024.36417820 – Hotline: 0965.001.905

Email: lminh@lienminhine.vn – Website: www.lienminhine.vn